Who is this for: Undergrad CS Students looking to bridge the gap between academic and industry knowledge

What this is: Exploring the world of web development with mentorship from experienced software engineers and documenting my personal experience

What this is not: A video lecture series, there won’t be any tutorials

Anyone interested in embarking this journey together is most welcomed — more the merrier



3. Internet

4. Understanding how browsers render websites

5. REST API: An Introduction

6. An Introduction To Spring Boot

7. Spring Boot: Spring Boot Annotations

8. Building REST APIs with Spring Boot

9. Attaching Postgres Database to the Spring Boot App

10. Understanding ORM and using Hibernate to interact with Database

11. Introduction to React-JS

12. Building UI and connecting it to Backend using React-JS

Coming Soon:

13. Testing — How Why and Where

14.Giving the idea a face

15. Understanding Deployment

16. The App Idea

17. Bringing Everything Together


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